Michael's Challenge with A!

So when I first saw the Michael's Challenge on my Facebook feed I knew I wanted to try it. It was just a matter of getting a photographer, getting a model, and going out there and doing it. One of my bridesmaids, A, had a free day and I had a free day, plus I had a new camera so what better way to test it out then to take some gorgeous photos of a friend? Now if only the execution was that easy!

The plan was to meet at my moms house as it was close to her house and where I was going to be that day. Packed my kit, my camera, and assumed I had everything I needed (boy was I wrong). I got to my moms house and started to set up, only to realize I had left allllll of my brushes at home!

That's right, all of them.




So I rushed to the mall to the Sephora I used to work at and attempted to buy another set, only to realize that I had left my card back at home in Maryland - aka a good 45 minutes away (my brain was OBVIOUSLY not on when I left the house). So I try to sign up for Apple Pay on my phone, was on hold forever,  but huzzah I got my card verified!  Only to find that it didn't work! I restarted my phone several times, tired calling back, nothing. My luck was going no where!

I headed back to my moms house to see if I could find anything to work with. Luckily after searching through some stuff of mine that I had left at my moms house I found an old set of brushes that I got when I first started to freelance in an old makeup back of mine! I cleaned those off and got to work! 

For the amount of struggling I went though I'm happy that everything turned out a-ok and A looked absolutely beautiful. She hadn't worn makeup for awhile but was overall pleased with the look, which was my end goal!

Despite the bad string of luck, the pictures actually turned out quite nice!

Product break down as follows:


Eyes: Smashbox Photofinish Primer, Colourpop Highly Waisted, Danessa Myrick's Colofix in Desert Rose, and Viseart Pro Palette, and Senna Cosmetics brow book for brows ⠀⠀⠀
Face: Sonia Roselli Beauty Waterbalm, Temptu hydrolock airbrush foundation, Sleek Cosmetics Rose Gold Blush, Danessa Myricks Serenity Illuminating Veil, Cozzette Contour Palette, Kat Von D Setting Powder, and Melt Cosmetics Stargazer Highlight ⠀⠀⠀
Lips: Huda Beauty Trophy Wife + Muse + Tarte Cosmetics Get It